Choose the One Solution that Fixes Many Problems
By Hill-Davis Dental Group
May 20, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

Patients come to the dentist’s office with all sorts of general and cosmetic problems, such as missing teeth, advanced gum disease, and deeply discolored teeth. If you need one dental solution that will fix a variety of problems, look into dental implants, a restorative treatment offered at Hill-Davis Dental Group in Lubbock, TX.Dental Implants

What Is a Dental Implant?
A dental implant is a small screw-like device made of titanium that is designed to replace the root of a tooth. It is surgically installed into the jaw. The titanium device has multiple ridges that make it easier for bone tissue to grow and connect to the surface of the implant. After a few months, the implant fully fuses to the bone in a process called osseointegration. Once fused, it is now stable enough to support a permanent porcelain crown.

Many Problems, One Solution
Tooth implants resolve a number of common dental problems because they are brand new replacement teeth—they give you a fresh start. Here are just a few of the issues that they can fix:

  • Tooth loss due to severe gum disease.
  • Tooth rot, inflammation or abscess due to an infection that can’t be cleared up with a root canal treatment.
  • Loss of an entire row of teeth due to aging or poor overall dental health.

Are You a Candidate?
Your Lubbock dentist has to evaluate your oral health to ensure that you’re a viable candidate for dental implants. Because the implant will be installed into the jawbone, you must have enough healthy tissue there to support it. This determination can be made by looking at your X-rays. You also have to be willing to commit to a lifestyle of high-maintenance dental care when you have implants if you want them to last. 

A Better Smile with Implants
If you have problems with your teeth and need one reliable solution, learn how dental implants can help. Call Hill-Davis Dental Group in Lubbock, TX at (806) 793-0651 today to schedule a consultation.